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Solid Rock Miner is a successor in the family mineral business for mineral processing, their trading as ornaments or processing into raw materials for various industries.

Far back in 1995, a small company was founded in Europe, in the Balkans, to grind calcium carbonate for the paint and varnish, paper and pharmaceutical industries. As the production was growing and progressing so were we, by acquiring new experiences. In 2005 we purchased the land and in 2019 opened our own mine, the one with the purest calcium carbonate – calcite (99.99%) in the world. In this way, we have rounded off the production, using calcite from our own mine for processing, decorative calcite sale to collectors and the needs of pharmaceutical, nanotechnology and other industries.

Solid Rock Miner Company in America has been founded to expand our business to the highest quality markets in the world, such as the United States of America’s. Our intention is to sell calcite, as the raw material from our mine, to the pharmaceutical, nanotechnology and other industries, as well as to trade collectors calcite through our online store.

We are honored to do business in the USA, being the most prospective and high-quality market.